Fresh seasonal ingredients carefully selected from local Oita seasonally

Ryotei Matsubaya offers dishes that you can feel the changing seasons to your eyes.

Fresh seafood from the rough seas of the Bungo Channel, and mountains from the rich land of Oita.
Please fully enjoy the taste of the local area that makes use of materials and craftsmanship.

Dish to enjoy the original splendor of the ingredients.

At Matsubaya, fresh ingredients are prepared every season, mainly local Oita ingredients, taking into account the richness of colors seen with the eyes, the taste and texture that you can feel with your tongue, and those that are gentle and good for your body. Material is carefully selected.

We think that it is important to make full use of each property, such as products that take a lot of effort and elaborate, and products that simply taste the original splendor of the material, and you will feel joy through food But it is worth doing above all.

We are pleased to offer a dish that focuses on each dish so that customers can be pleased with the many dishes that Matsubaya, which has a history from the Showa era, have created.

When you come, please enjoy seasonal dishes slowly.


Ryotei Matsubaya original “Yakushi-Yukemuri Fluffy Hot Pot”

The Japanese taste and the frothy foam of the soup base made with the drinking hot spring in our original Onsennabe make it popular not only among Japanese customers but also the customers from other countries.

Reference example of seasonal banquet

Castle Reisen Kaiseki (Spring-Early Summer)

Castle Reisen Kaiseki (Spring-Early Summer)

Castle Rei is a popular name that refers to the Mako flatfish that is captured on the castle coast of Beppu Bay (Hiji-machi, Hayami-gun, Oita Prefecture).
It is a brackish water area where fresh water springs out of the sea and fresh water is mixed.Growing from seawater and freshwater plankton, Castle Kagei has no muddy odor, tastes pale and elegant, and has a high quality since ancient times It is prized as a fish.
Its features are that it is thicker, has a smaller head, and its tail fins are broader and less angular than those of a common flatfish. In addition, the deliciousness of the castle is known from ancient times. In the Edo period, only samurai could eat, and it was prized as a gift to the general.

Ise prawn kaiseki (spring-summer)

Ise prawn kaiseki (spring-summer)

Ise shrimp sashimi, seasonal ingredients, etc.

Japanese Black Beef and Matsutake Mushroom Kaiseki (Autumn to Winter)

Japanese Black Beef and Matsutake Mushroom Kaiseki (Autumn to Winter)

Japanese black beef sukiyaki, matsutake mushroom, etc.

Fuku Kaiseki (Autumn to Winter)

Fuku Kaiseki (Autumn to Winter)

Fuku course, sashimi, Tecchi hot pot, fried chicken, sushi, etc.

Memorial service

We will propose a plan according to the number of people and budget for both special occasions and legal memorial services.
Please do not hesitate to consult us.


For a milestone in life

At the beginning of eating, one hundred days (Momoka), Shichigosan, entrance celebration, coming-of-age ceremony, wedding ceremony, gold wedding ceremony, 60th birthday, longevity celebration, etc. .

Cakes and bouquets are also available upon request, so please feel free to tell us when you make a reservation. (A reservation is required.)

Guests can use the hotel’s hot springs.

* For the 60th birthday celebration, chanchanko and hats are rented free of charge. Please feel free to use.

Memorial service

To the memorial of the deceased in the day

On the 49th, anniversary of the week, three times of anniversary, etc., we will serve kaiseki cuisine to those who are deeply involved in the memorial service of the deceased.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.