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Tsukino lounge

Beauty salon “Yugetsu”

Why don’t you close your eyes and relax with your heart while traveling?

“Esthetic salon Yugetsu” located on the first floor of the new building, Tsuki-no-So,
offers facial and body esthetic treatments using cosmetics made of materials that are gentle on women’s skin.

Please experience a treatment menu that creates ideal skin
with the cycle concept of “moisturize,” “condition,” and “nurture.”

[Reservation hours on the day] Until 18:00
  • ● It will be performed in Esterome. (* The treatment is for one person only. Two or more people cannot be treated at the same time.)
  • ● All courses pregnant and men are not accepted.



For guests staying at Okanoso, meals will be prepared at Sakura Restaurant.
Okanoso’s restaurant “Sakura” is a Japanese-style restaurant with an open-air stairwell.
Please relax and enjoy the time that surrounds the seasonal taste in a calm and spacious space.
It can also be used for large banquets and meetings.
Please enjoy Matsubaya chef’s kaiseki cuisine, which has carefully selected seasonal ingredients.


For guests staying at Tsukino So, meals will be prepared at Komachi Restaurant.
At Komachi Restaurant, we have prepared a private room for both table and tatami mats to suit the number of guests so that you can spend your private time without worry.


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