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Beppu Hachiyu (Matsubaya) is located on a quiet hill at Kankaiji Onsen.
The rooms are divided into two styles based on the theme of Japanese relaxation.
Wi-Fi can be used in the entire Matsubaya building.

Two Matsubaya stories.

Pure Japanese style “Oka no Sou” and Japanese modern “Tsuki no Sou”.
If you like two Matsubaya.

Pure and Western-style Japanese-style room “OkanoSo”

In Okanoso, a Japanese-style inn with a comfortable style that values ​​the warmth of wood,
We have a total of 10 pure Japanese and Western style rooms.

Japanese Modern “TsukinoSou”

“Tsukino Sou” has three types, “Stylish Modern”, “Maisonette” and “Japanese Modern”, which are oriented to a new inn style.
We have a total of 8 rooms.

Area map

Area map