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Beppu Hachiyu (Matsubaya) is located on a quiet hill at Kankaiji Onsen.
The rooms are divided into two styles based on the theme of Japanese relaxation.
Wi-Fi can be used in the entire Matsubaya building.
All rooms are non-smoking.

Two Matsubaya stories.

Pure Japanese style “Oka no Sou” and Japanese modern “Tsuki no Sou”.
If you like two Matsubaya.

Pure and Western-style Japanese-style room “OkanoSo”

In Okanoso, a Japanese-style inn with a comfortable style that values ​​the warmth of wood,
We have a total of 10 pure Japanese and Western style rooms.

Japanese Modern “TsukinoSou”

“Tsukino Sou” has three types, “Stylish Modern”, “Maisonette” and “Japanese Modern”, which are oriented to a new inn style.
We have a total of 8 rooms.

Area map

Area map