Two Matsubaya stories.


Two Matsubaya stories.


Japanese modern room oriented to new inn style

Eight rooms with three styles, "Stylish Modern", "Maisonette", and "Japanese Modern" oriented to a new inn style


An easy-going Japanese-style inn that values ​​the warmth of wood

A total of 10 standard Japanese-style rooms with the essence of a Japanese style unique to Matsubaya


Five different hot springs flowing from the source

Please enjoy the natural hot spring boasting a superb view overlooking Beppu Hachiyu, Japan's best hot spring village wrapped in steam.


A dish that enjoys the original splendor of the ingredients

Ryotei Matsubaya offers dishes that you can feel the changing seasons to your eyes. Fresh seafood from the rough seas of the Bungo Channel, and mountains from the rich land of Oita. Please fully enjoy the taste of the local area that makes use of materials and craftsmanship.


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